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Teachers’ Day 2021: Ex-DU Professor Narrates Changing Student-Teacher Relationship

India has a number of legendary tales of the relationship between a teacher and a student since ancient times. However, the society has evolved and gone through a lot of changes over the years. The student-teacher relationship has also been affected by the changes in social norms, culture and traditions.

Talking about the changes in the relationship between teachers and students, to News 18, Rajendra Gautam, former professor of Delhi University, said that he started teaching in 1974 and there has been a lot of change in the emotional bonding between the teachers and students. Although, this does not mean that there is a shortage of good teachers and students.

“In today’s time career is the priority in education and selfishness is on the top in personal life. Today a student’s personality develops with respect to their career. Even parents these days want their children to have education which can provide a job,” said Professor Gautam. Professor continued that earlier parents used to completely leave their child’s nurturing on teachers. Now, the situation is different, even if a child is scolded, parents go against the teacher. Though, earlier there was a wrong practice of beating children, he added.

Actually, this is what has happened today. Now, a teacher can only look at the students’ mistakes but cannot say anything, said Professor Gautam. He added that today disobedience towards teachers has increased and the reason for it is deviation from both sides. Subjectivity has become the main goal in materialistic society. Teachers too are responsible for this.

The professor never had to face issues related to disobedience in his 42-year long career. However, he lamented that many times teachers are considered irrelevant and the internet has worsened the situation. When students study something from the internet and that does not match with the teacher, they think the teacher does not know about it, Professor Gautam added.

Professor believes that teacher’s day should be a reminder in which one can review themselves. “We need to take lessons from Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ideology, only then celebrating this day will make sense,” Professor Gautam advised.

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