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Sprout Dishes: Here’s How to Add Taste to Your Healthy Snacking

Sprouts have triumphed in the quest for a nutritious powerhouse! They have been recognised as the ultimate ‘living food’ and nature’s boon to mankind since old days, adding value to our diets. Sprouts are a great example of how nature strives to keep life contained. They are high in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, therefore it’s time to incorporate sprouts salads into your diet more frequently. Here are some quick ways to incorporate sprouts into your diet and also add some flavour to please your taste buds as well.

Baskets of Crispy Omelette

A fluffy omelette topped with veggies, bean sprouts, and thin pieces of crunchy cashew nuts will make your day. Servevin crispy and golden potato baskets, it is a filling meal ideal for a weekend feast.


Making a smoothie using sprouted foods is one of the simplest ways to eat them. Several health-conscious individuals include a serving of broccoli sprouts in their smoothies. That way, kids can also get the health advantages while also enjoying a smoothie full of taste!

Chana Dal Tikki with Sprouts

Try mixed sprout and chana dal tikki as another delicious way to enjoy your snack in a healthier way. You’ll get a triple dose of protein from the lentils, sprouts, and cottage cheese. This protein-rich snack is very filling and will keep you from feeling hungry.

Bhel Puri with sprouts and Chaat

This dish adds sprouts to give the classic Indian street snack a healthier twist. It’s a terrific snacking option because of the extra crunch and flavour. Sprout chaat can also be made using sprouted lentils and beans, lemon juice, and spices.

Pancakes/Idli with Sprouts and Rava

This pancake/idli dish, made with sprouts and semolina, is a quick, delicious, low-calorie, nutrient breakfast and snack option. You may also add spinach paste to the batter to bring some extra nutrients.

Jukut Urab Balinese

Balinese Jukut Urab is a sweet and savory vegetable salad containing beans, spinach, sprouts, and shredded coconut. It doesn’t get much easier or healthier than this, sprouts, vegetables, and fruits combine to produce a nutritious salad.

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