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Psychologist-approved ways to manage anger issues in children – Times of India

Child psychology helps understand a child’s subconscious and conscious mind. It focuses on observing children’s behavior, their emotions and factors that impact their physical and mental development.

In an exclusive interview with Speaking Tree, Dr. Manpreet Kaur, a renowned child psychologist, talked about anger and aggression prevalent among children these days. She explained that anger is one of the most common feelings which a child experiences and that parents need to discover the reasons behind their irritability. Furthermore, she says that the environment also plays a unanimous role when it comes to controlling and understanding anger issues in kids.

It is essential for parents to understand themselves and their parenting style, as per the doctor’s advice.

Influence of the society on a child’s mentality

In the video Dr. Manpreet Kaur talks about how children have the power of keen observation; and how they often tend to adapt the behavioral style of the people around them. They get carried away by their parents, their friends or even the things which they see on television or social sites. According to the doctor, parents are responsible for their child’s overall development and growth; they should make sure to converse in front of their child in a cautious and refined manner. Parents should try to delve into the causes behind their anger, this is a logical way to tackle aggression, the doctor said.

Bonding with your child is very important

As per the advice given by Dr. Kaur, it is essential for parents to connect with their children to understand them. Communication and resolving arguments with children can prove quite effective.

Always rationalize the demands which children make keeping your background in mind, refrain yourself from fulfilling invalid worldly demands.

What should you do if a child uses aggression as a medium to fulfill his demands?

Often children resort to violence as a method to abide by their demands, this is very prevalent amongst boys. In such a situation, Dr Kaur advises parents to try showing physical affection and care or understand if the wants of the child are valid and sensible. Most of the children are very responsive towards the actions taking place around them, in such cases you can make your child practice breathing exercises to calm down his anger.

Is anger genetic?

Your child might have those angry genetics in his subconscious brain, however if you have brought a massive development in controlling your anger, your child won’t get a direct influence of vexation, the doctor stated.

Where can your child’s anger be diverted?

As per the psychologist’s advice, toys are the best medium to redirect your child’s attention. Soft balls, fidget spinners and infinity ques are effective tools which can be used to perform this process successfully. Our brain’s development occurs in our primitive years, therefore it is essential for us to tackle our child’s anger issues in the initial stage of his life.

Sitting idle can also be beneficial for some children as it relaxes their thinking process.

If your child gets violent with other children, what can you do?

Dr. Manpreet Kaur shared the method of introducing your child to the concept of reading in the first 6 months of his life to resolve the violence related issues. The child gets into a habit of memorizing, and it also enriches his knowledge. You can keep a track on the kind of content which your child is consuming as books are a censored form of entertainment. In addition to that, be extremely careful with your methods of making the child understand your point of view. Do not get violent with your child while explaining things to him, as explained by the doctor.

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