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Poor Eyesight But Don’t Like Wearing Glasses? This Eye Drop is For You

Medical science has created a miraculous eye drop for those who have poor eyesight but don’t like wearing glasses every time they read. After using this eye drop, your vision will improve and you will no longer need glasses to read something.

The scientists who invented this eye drop to replace glasses have also reaped enormous benefits from it. The first trial of the Vuity eye drop was conducted on 750 patients, with very positive results. FDA, the United States’ drug regulator, has now approved its use for the general public.

Allergen, an Irish pharmaceutical company, developed this eye drop, and ophthalmologist Dr George O Waring played a key role in its testing. According to Waring, as people get older, they develop presbyopia, which causes their vision to deteriorate. When this happens, they have to observe everything very carefully to get a view. Vuity eye drops are extremely effective in this situation, as they improve eyesight within 15 minutes of application. After use, the effect lasts a few hours.

The vision is improved when a drop of Vuity eye drop is placed in the eye for 6 to 10 hours. According to Dr Stephen Orlin, an ophthalmologist at the University of Pennsylvania, this eye drop reduces pupil size. When this happens, the patient begins to see the nearby object clearly.

The cost of a month’s dosage of this medicine, according to the company, will be around 6 thousand rupees. This drop, according to Dr Scott M McRaney, an ophthalmologist at the University of Rochester, is a good option for those who can’t stand wearing glasses.

According to the trial’s findings, this new eye drop could be a game-changer for such patients. Vuity eye drop is the first medicine used to treat presbyopia.

The eye drops comprise a medication that has been used to treat glaucoma at a higher concentration for over a century, so it’s a drug that doctors are familiar with. The low dose in Vuity eye drops reduces the size of the pupil for a short time.

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