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On This Day in 1965: India and Pakistan Ceasefire Goes into Effect Ending the Indo-Pakistani War

Encouraged by the results of Sino-Indian conflict of 1962, Pakistan tried to seek a solution to the Kashmir problem with a military confrontation with India in 1965, but it ended with an Indian triumph and a ceasefire agreement between the two countries on September 23, 1965.

The Pakistani army back then had an edge over the Indian counterpart in terms of armour, artillery, airpower and looked to use this opportunity to emphasize their claim over the Kashmir valley. The conflict started in early 1965 over territorial borders claims and things slowly started getting intensifies. In August, the hostilities grew to intense levels after Pakistan tried to claim Kashmir by force, however, their intention was crushed down by the brave Indian Army.

The hostile situation between the two countries in South Asia garnered attention from the international community and United Nations called upon the two countries to resolve the Kashmir problem through dialogue. The UN security council passed Resolution 211 on September 20, 1965, urging the countries to come together for a dialogue. The United States of America and the UK extended their support for this resolution and immediately cut on the supplies of arms to both countries.

The effects of the decision were immediately felt on the confrontation, especially with Pakistan’s dependency on the US for the ammunition supply. Both Indian and Pakistan agreed upon a cease-fire agreement that came into effect on September 23.

Later, Indian and Pakistan sat down for negotiation in Tashkent with mediation by the Soviet Union. Finally, in January 1966, both sides agreed on giving up the territorial claims and withdrawing their armies. While the Tashkent agreement achieved its short-term aim of ending the conflict in South Asia, the conflict was soon reignited in 1971 and has continued for decades now.

The Indo-Pak War of 1971 ended with breaking away of East Pakistan into a new country Bangladesh with help of the Indian Army.

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