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Learn to Layer Your Skincare Products the Right Way to Reap Maximum Benefits

Being one of the most sensitive regions of the body, your skin requires good and consistent care. The tonnes of dirt and dust particles that pollute the environment also take a toll on your skin and make it oily and dull. To tackle this, most people turn to skincare products that are touted as beneficial by advertising companies.

But, sometimes the skincare products aren’t of any help and instead make your skin look oilier and greasier. The problem here lies not with the product but the order in which you applied them.

Experts say that the right skincare layering is required to reap the benefits of each skincare product that you are using. Different skin care products differ in consistency, quality, and other properties and thus they must be applied in the right order.

Here, choosing the right product also matters. Sharing some skincare products, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist Dr Deepthi Ravishankar told Hindustan Times “hyaluronic acid is the ultimate hydrating ingredient, Retinol – a must for anti-ageing, Vitamin C – an essential antioxidant for improving skin tone.”

She added that one must never skip sunscreen while other products such as an undereye serum can also be used as per individual needs.

Now, coming to the order of applying these products, it can vary according to the time of the day and the consistency of the product. During the day, you should begin by layering the cleaner first, which should be followed by a toner, serum, spot treatment, eye cream, and lighter face oil. Products like moisturizer, heavier face oil, sunscreen should be applied later. The foundation has to be used at the end of the layering process.

At nighttime, you must start with an oil-based makeup remover followed by a water-based cleanser, an exfoliator or clay mask, and hydrating mist or toner. Following this, one can apply serums, spot treatment products, hydrating serum or mask, and eye cream. At last, you can apply night cream and take your beauty sleep.

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