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Lady Carole Bamford Shares Her Winter Essentials

British entrepreneur, Lady Carole Bamford is not only the force behind Daylesford, the purveyor of award winning organic food, she also founded her eponymous luxury lifestyle brand, Bamford in 2003. And this encompasses all life’s luxuries, from a spa-meets-skincare range, to homewares, and clothing, all of which take a sustainable approach and promote wellbeing.

From wool hoodies to cosy rugs and sleep masks, Carole Bamford shares her must-haves for winter.

Bamford Home-Grown Merino Wool Hoodie: This hooded sweater is made with wool from pedigree merino sheep that we reared on our own organic farm in the Cotswold, before being spun and knitted in the UK. It is soft and cosy and because we’re the first brand to craft merino knitwear that hasn’t had to leave British soil I’m very proud of its story so wearing it feels particularly special.

Bamford Nourishing Sleep Mask: My skin gets very dry in the winter so I use this mask several times a week to keep it hydrated. It feels very soothing and calming as well moisturising. You put a thin layer on your face before you go to bed and it works overnight – my skin always looks refreshed and revived in the morning. 

Sophie Theakston Coral Owl: This necklace is something I wear throughout the year but more often in winter because its colour suits darker winter clothing. The little owl is hand-carved from vintage coral and I love the symbolism of the piece. Owls represent wisdom and intuition and are often thought of as omens of good luck so it feels like a protective piece to have close to me.

Wabi Inspirations by Axel Vervoordt: The period around Christmas is a time when I do lots of reading and I’ve started revisiting some old favourites recently. I am a huge admirer of Axel Vervoordt’s work and this book is a stunning reflection of the places and philosophies from which he draws his inspiration.

Daylesford Organic Sheepskin: Sheepskin rugs instantly make a room feel cosy. They add beautiful texture and you can layer them over wooden benches or chairs or put them on the floor by beds or fireplaces to make a room feel warm and inviting. Daylesford’s sheepskin rugs come from our own sheep, then they’re tanned at an organic micro-tannery local to us in Dorset without the use of any chemicals or dyes so these ones have particular significance to me and I love their purity and simplicity.

Maria Sigma Blanket: Blankets are essential to see me through the winter – again, to add texture to rooms or simply to curl up with on the sofa. Maria’s hand-made blankets are absolutely beautiful. They’re hand-woven on a loom, hand-stitched and are made with undyed British wool. She designs very thoughtfully, aiming to minimise any yarn waste as well as the use of machinery, water and energy.

Bamford Woodland Moss eau de parfum: We spent a long time crafting Bamford’s two new eau de parfums to make them feel timeless and elegant so I’m wearing this fragrance every day. It’s a very woody, wintry scent – we’ve tried to evoke the tapestry of aromas from a mossy woodland – so it is perfect for this time of year.

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