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Kiss Your Abs With This Super Effective Workout Routine

A strong set of abs can be regarded as the most coveted of all the physical indicators of successful workout. The strength of your core cannot be determined by the visibility of your abs alone. However, training the core is essential because it is the basic of every movement you do, literally. A strong core is key in protecting your internal organs, preventing injuries or even keeping your surrounding muscles safe. You will be able to move faster, with more efficiency, if you work on strengthening the area. Core training is found to make static balance better and improve cardiovascular performance.

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has revealed a few effective workouts to get the perfect abs. She shared a series of videos in a new post on Instagram and captioned, “Kiss my abs,” adding, “Gear up with this super effective abs workout for the holiday season or just for the love of that burn.” To do the workout, Yasmin suggests 4 rounds, each lasting for 45 seconds, plus a 15-second break/rest in between. As usual, she added modified (M) versions for each of the recommended workouts for those who find the regular version difficult to perform.

Follow the workout plan below:

1. Leg Raise Variation (20 reps)

M: Alternate Leg Straight Leg Lowers

2. Sit up with Single Leg Knee

M: Crunch with Single Knee in

3. Forearm Side Plank Crunch

M: Forearm Side Plank Dips

4. Elevated Seated Punches

M: Seated Punches

5. Reverse Table Top Crunch

M: Crab Lifts

Earlier, Yasmin had shared another post on Instagram with followers interested in getting toned abs. Calling it “a magic 5-minute abs workout,” she shared a series of videos to demonstrate the exercises. With only a set of dumbbells, the workout can be easily done at home.

The best part? One doesn’t need to head to the gym for solid and toned abs. The workouts are easy to bust out a quick burner as soon as you wake up or in-between virtual meetings. Follow Yasmin’s favorite core-tastic exercises to keep your midsection strong.

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