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International Coffee Day 2021: History and Significance of This Aromatic Crop

Arguably, coffee is one of the most loved beverages of millions of people across the globe. A lot of people find it really difficult to kick start their day without a hot cup of this beverage. Considering the amount of love and addiction people have towards coffee, it is no surprise that a day has been dedicated to celebrate one of the most loved beverages.

Every year, International Coffee Day is observed on October 1, to celebrate and promote the use of coffee. There are many who believe that coffee might pose ill effects on their health, therefore, on this day people are educated about the various benefits of this beverage.

A lot of effort goes behind in providing you with a hot cup of coffee every morning, and the workers in the coffee farm work tirelessly to do so. On International Coffee Day, the hard work and efforts of these workers and people who are associated with the coffee industry are also recognised.

International Coffee Day History

For the first time, International Coffee Day was celebrated back in 2015. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) decided to dedicate the day to all coffee lovers in 2014, but the first official Coffee Day was launched in 2015 in Milan. However, different countries celebrate their own national coffee days on different dates.

Back in 1997, the ICO first celebrated International Coffee Day in China and later in 2009, it celebrated the day in Taiwan. Nepal observed the first International Coffee Day on November 17, 2005.

Significance of International Coffee Day

Considering the number of sectors and workers involved, the day is not only observed to cherish the beverage but also to voice out for the injustices suffered by the sector and the people associated with it. The day also aims to promote the fair trade of coffee and bring the plight of coffee growers across the globe to the limelight.

From Cappuccino, Frappuccino to Double-shot Espresso, a true coffee lover knows that the list of the variety of coffees is endless. Therefore, the ideal way to celebrate the day is by gaining knowledge about this aromatic crop and trying various types of coffees and dishes made out of them.

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