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How Excessive Drinking Affects Your Sleep and Causes Nightmares

Haven’t we always heard from alcoholics that drinking before bed helps them get better sleep and that it works like medicine? An occasional drinker or someone, who doesn’t drink, will surely beg to differ with the claim.

So, the question now is there really a direct positive link between alcohol and good sleep or does daily consumption of alcohol only cause nightmares?

Experts familiar with the matter have said that there is indeed a relationship between alcohol and sleep, but not a good one. The dreams of a boozer are often different and strange.

Talking to The Sun on the connection between alcohol and sleep, experts explained that when a person tends to drink more alcohol at night before bed, their rapid eye movement (REM) sleep reduces. The more you drink before bed, the more your sleep quality gets affected.

According to the findings, when a person puts a full stop to their binge drinking, the blood alcohol level naturally drops, which is a good thing but due to this, your sleep becomes raw and even the slightest movement can wake you up.

According to sleep experts, as soon as a person enters the phase of deep sleep wherein dreams kick in, he or she can remember hisher dreams even after waking up from sleep.

Meanwhile, when there is more alcohol present in the body, the sleep quality reduces and the person can’t remember dreams, or even worse, they might experience never-ending nightmares.

Alcohol forces our brain to memorise our surroundings, but images will be blurred due to intoxication, so there are high chances of experiencing nightmares.

Experts also stated that if a person is an emotional drinker and is drinking alcohol to control the rising misery, the dream can take an even more elaborate and scary form.

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