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Here’s Why You Should Do Away With Broken Utensils From Home

Holy scriptures were written over hundreds of years and they carry deep meaning. In the Hindu scriptures, among the most important rules concerning our homes is that of the Vaastu Shashtra.

The word ‘Vaastu’ means the object in Sanskrit. According to the Vaastu Shashtra, every single product no matter what state — solid, liquid or gas —  is made up of a particular combination of objects.

The five main objects or elements are op or water, tej or fire, kshiti or soil, marut or air and byom or zero. These are the five elements that everything in the world is made of.

Acharya Indu Prakash discusses certain kinds of utensils that he said should never be kept in the house since keeping them increases the poverty and debt of the person. According to him, broken (or spoiled) utensils should neither be kept at home nor be used by anyone. But why? Here are the reasons:

The astrologer said that using such utensils creates a toxic atmosphere in the family, which may also give rise to poverty.

He also pointed out that one should not sleep in a broken bed as this habit also creates poverty in one’s family.

Apart from warning us of the dire effects, he also provides a solution to get rid of danger. Acharya advises installing an eight-cornered mirror on the north wall of any room of the house. The eight angles will symbolize West, East, South, North, Northeast, Southwest, Wind and Fire corners. As a result, it will attract positive energy and maintain peace in one’s home.

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