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Here’s Why Omega-3 Rich Food is All You Need for Healthy Skin and Hair

Including omega 3-rich food such as mushrooms, eggs, walnuts, fish, etc. in our regular diet is extremely useful and it benefits our skin and hair immensely. Below are some of how Omega 3 benefits our skin and hair.

Makes hair and skin healthy, and removes acne:

Regularly including Omega-3 in the food can help your hair and skin become healthy and beautiful. According to OnlyMyHealth, numerous studies have found that skin and hair benefit from the consumption of Omega 3. The consumption of Omega-3 reduces the dryness of skin and it is moisturized naturally.

Omega-3 also helps against symptoms such as dryness, redness or itching on the skin. Regular consumption of omega-3 can help reduce the problem of acne as well.

Protects from UV rays:

If we include omega-3 rich food in our diet, the skin is protected from harmful rays like ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B of the sun and is protected from any harmful effects. It also helps you reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

Removes wounds:

If you happen to have a wound on your skin or other skin problems like pimples, Omega 3 accelerates the healing process and supplements your skin with the nutrients it requires. Research done on animals suggests that omega-3s applied topically or even delivered in an intravenous fashion may quicken wound healing, but more research is required in this field.

May reduce the risk of skin cancer:

Diets rich in omega-3s may prevent tumour growth in animals. However, research in humans is needed to confirm this.

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