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Here’s why daytime weddings look more stylish – Times of India

Daytime weddings have their own beauty! They are sparkling, bright, and breezy. Owing to their delightful surroundings, the colour palette, or the simplicity they behold, couples and families definitely have a growing affinity towards them. Day nuptials mostly take place in the late morning or afternoon, which may be the ideal time for some couples. But, considering that they are not as common as evening or night weddings, they tend to create confusion for those who are planning them for the first time and it’s tough to understand exactly what to expect.

If you plan to opt for a day wedding there are a lot of things that can be less stressful than the nighttime one. So, if you are confused about how to do it? We’ve put together a checklist that can help you streamline the process.

Floral decor and natural lightning

Decor plays a very important role in a wedding as it sets the mood of the whole ceremony. While most evening weddings have been grand with velvet and satin drapes in dark and dramatic colours, a day wedding allows natural decor. For instance, You can opt for delicate floral arrangements like floral installations and danglers, or garden setups with hanging floral, jute decor, and thematic props for your day wedding decor. It is an aesthetically pleasing view even if you opt for minimal decor.

Also, the bright natural sunlight at noon makes everything look stunning, the sunset as a backdrop makes your wedding setup look dreamy. If you love natural light, a daytime wedding is a perfect way to make sure you get bright and brilliant photos.


When you plan for an evening wedding on an ordinary day, it is a high-priced deal. With months of planning in place too, evening weddings are always more about the glam and hence, big-budget. Most couples are booking venues in the evening hours that’s why there’s a premium pricing associated with it as it’s the most popular reception time. This is true for wedding vendors as well, like hair & makeup artists, bands, DJs, and photographers. Day weddings, on the other hand, are comparatively cost-effective. From the decor, the lights to the venue itself, there are different booking prices when it comes to daytime weddings.

Having your reception during a less busy time will allow you more room to negotiate prices and deals. In addition to the venue, accommodation prices also significantly vary for day weddings. Thus, saving costs that can be utilized otherwise.

More flexible timings

Since most wedding ceremonies tend to roll on to an enjoyable dinner, followed by drinks and endless dancing, the timeline crosses midnight to early mornings which makes it hectic for guests. If you have a fixed time that you get to spend at the venue, the constraint makes you hurry it all up as almost every venue allotted an end time to your functions because they have to shut it down for the day. But with a day wedding, the clock is not ticking. You have the entire day to host your functions and the venues mostly close at the end of the day or at midnight. This gives you the flexibility to enjoy your big day royally without going by the time.

Open-air venues

By choosing a daytime wedding, you’re making a unique choice that will stand out for your guests. A scenic view, clear blue skies, garden-style outdoors surrounded by rustic furniture, decorative foliage, outdoor cocktail bars, abstract art, and a lot of pleasant summer breeze, make it the first choice of your guests. If you’re after a more casual vibe, day nuptials can be excellent! Embrace the earlier time frame and the playful energy by adding fun outdoor activities like lawn games. If we talk about preferences as per geographies, couples are choosing heritage properties in North India while Lakeside venues are in demand in South India.

So, if you are someone who prefers the breezy vibe, day weddings should be your go-to option. Your celebration will begin earlier as well as end earlier. Giving you more time at hand to ensure that you enjoy the rest of the day together with your loved ones!

With inputs from Knot Planners.

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