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Mother interrupts TV reporter son during live broadcast: ‘Hi, baby!’

Parents will always find a way to embarrass their children, even if it’s on live television. This mom surprised her newscaster son when she drove up in her car and appeared in his broadcast.

Myles Harris is a multimedia journalist for WSYX ABC 6, a television station based in Columbus, Ohio. Harris was recording a broadcast on a busy street when he suddenly recognised a car. He threw his hands in the air and said to the camera: “That’s my mom, hold on.”

A black car pulled up into the frame with the windows down, and Harris’s mom shouted from the driver’s seat. “Hi, baby!” she said. The person behind the camera began laughing.

“I’m trying to work right now and you’re over there calling my phone,” he joked with his mom. Harris introduced his mother to his fellow co-workers. “This is Deangelo, you can say hi,” Harris said.

His mom waved from her car, “Hi, Deangelo!”

“And don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you,” Harris said.

As his mom drove off, she blew a kiss to her son and the camera.

“Did you record that?” Harris asked the cameraperson before the clip ended.

Harris shared the video to his Instagram on Wednesday, where it instantly went viral with over 700,000 views. The reporter gave a a special shoutout to his mom in the Instagram caption.

“Typical Sandi,” he wrote. “Yes, typical Sandi…Thanks for @deangelodbyrd who kept rolling.”

Over on Twitter, users shared their own relatable moments of embarrassing moms.

“This is me when I post about my business on Instagram and my mom and auntie reply: ‘I LOVE yOU BABY’,” one person tweeted. “IM TRYING TO RUN A DAMN BUSINESS”.

“As a mom, I LOVE THIS,” said one user.

“Myles, make sure you hold on to this for the rest of your life,” a Twitter user said. “There’s no one like mom. No one. I miss mine and I’m happy that you still have your mom. Cherish this moment.”

On Thursday, Harris revealed behind-the-scenes details of the viral video in an interview with Good Morning America. While Harris didn’t fully believe his mom when she said it was all pure coincidence, he decided to take her word for it.

“She was going out to run an errand, she noticed our TV-marked cars and saw a couple and said, ‘This might be my son. Let’s go ahead and take a look and see,’” he said. “And next thing you know, the video is kind of what tells the rest of that story.”

That wasn’t the only surprise visit Harris received from his mom. She then crashed his live Good Morning America interview with her now-famous line, “Hi, baby!” — but not without sharing a few sweet words about her son. “He’s my biggest accomplishment,” she said. “I am very, very proud of my son.”

The Independent has reached out to Myles Harris for comment.

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