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Kate Garraway says she and husband Derek Draper have found ‘new way to be in love’

Kate Garraway has said that she and husband Derek Draper have found a “new way to be in love” as he continues to recover from coronavirus.

Mr Draper became very unwell when he caught Covid-19 in March 2020 and was hospitalised in a coma for months before being able to return home.

Now, he no longer has the virus but as a result of it has suffered long-lasting organ damage and requires full-time care at home.

Additionally, his speech has been severely impacted and he remains mostly bed-ridden.

Speaking to the Mail On Sunday’s You magazine, Garraway explained that their relationship has changed as a result of Draper’s condition.

When asked if they can have conversations, the 54-year-old TV presenter said: “Not really. It’s hard. I watch him microscopically; I feel like I read every flicker so I ‘get’ him, but you wouldn’t walk into the room and think a conversation was being had. But he understands an enormous amount, he just can’t respond.”

Garraway added that while they “absolutely” still have moments of deep connection, she doesn’t think things will ever be the same between them.

“I’m not sure that we’ve ever fallen out of love, but I think a new path is emerging, a new way to be in love,” she added.

“He puts huge trust in me. He just says ‘Whatever you think’, which is wonderful, but I do get quite tearful about it. I think ‘God, I hope I’m worthy of that trust’.

“But I’ve got his back. That is a relationship in itself, isn’t it? How many times do couples have doubts about each other?

“That’s a positive thing to come out of this, to have that certainty of each other. He and I are very close.”

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