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How green plants were key in helping people in Covid lockdowns

Green plants and gardening played an important role in helping people maintain their emotional well-being during the long Covid lockdowns, multiple studies have shown over the past months. In January last year, for example, a study in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening journal said about 74 per cent of over 4,000 people surveyed globally said having vegetation at home helped calm their nerves and banish negative emotions like stress, in addition to beautifying their living spaces.

Survey data showed almost three in four respondents felt plants made a positive impact on their mood during lockdowns and over half said they would have liked more plants at home during the lockdown. Respondents without plants at home said they often felt negative emotions – like sadness.

A study by NASA – to research ways to clean the air in sealed environments like space stations – found that in addition to absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis, certain common indoor plants could also help remove volatile organic pollutants.

Different plants can help in different ways.

A peace lily, for example, can filter air, increase humidity and help you breathe better. They also help you get a good night’s sleep because they absorb airborne mould spores that are common allergens.

House plants like the peace lily and others can be purchased from any nursery near you or from shops, like Unlock Nature, a Pune-based ‘plant parent and plant homes community’.

However, it is advisable to consult experts (or at least those with some experience) – like those at Unlock Nature – before buying plants for your home or office spaces, since they may require very different levels of care.

Vishnupriya Mishra is the Founder of UNLOCK NATURE. A Brand Marketing and PR Consultant with close to a decade of experience in working with startups, community building, social media growth and audience development.

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