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For Young Parents: Sudha Murthy On How To Raise Your Kids

Sudha Murthy is an inspiration and motivation to every new-age parent. She is not just a businesswoman, writer, and social worker, but she is a living guidebook for everyone struggling to raise their kids right.

On several occasions, she has talked about parenting. Being a mother of two, she has always used her voice to guide other parents in the right direction with a perfect piece of advice. We’ve curated a list of best parenting advice that Sudha Murthy has shared with everyone.

Act right in front of your kids

In a video posted by YouTube channel Momespresso, Sudha Murthy talked about the most important thing parents must do. They should act in the right way in front of their kids to imbibe the right habits in them. If you are standing in a queue, then you should wait for your turn patiently without breaking the queue, so that your children learn the same habit.

Teach them the value of money no matter how rich you are

In 2017, Sudha Murthy was present at the Jamnabai Narsee Campus in Mumbai for an association meeting. During the meet, she highlighted an incident when her son Rohan Murthy wanted to have his birthday party in a five-star hotel. She made her son understand that having a lot of money doesn’t make anyone extraordinary. Spending thousands on occasions like birthdays which come every year is not a wise decision. Therefore, use your money wherever you need it, not wherever you want.

Give space to your children

During an interview with SheThePeople, Sudha Murthy talked about the importance of space for children. Many parents have a habit of giving everything to their children in hand and forcing them to do stuff, eat, study, and so on. However, parents must leave their kids whenever they deny something. If they are hungry, they will eat normal meals like dal chawal too. Also, she talked about giving space to the kids when they are sad. Every person has ups and downs in life and so do children. So don’t get scared when they don’t want to talk, give them their space.

Set your child free and lead by example

Parents often force their kids to read, learn new things, involve themselves in sports, excel in studies, and so on. However, instead of forcing things on children, parents should set them free and choose what they like. At the same time, if they want them to get involved in reading, then read a book in front of them so they get that habit from their parents. This was a gem of advice that Sudha Murthy shared with Momespresso after the launch of her book – The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales of Mahabharata.

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