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You’ve been microwaving your food wrong, says home hacks expert in viral TikTok

A viral video on TikTok has claimed that people have been microwaving their food incorrectly.

Tanya Home Inspo – an account that has over 187,000 followers and 1.5 million likes – shared the microwave hack video over the weekend and it has since garnered over 58,000 views.

Tanya, who runs the account, suggests that food doesn’t heat up properly in the microwave if you position food in the centre of it.

Instead, she advises placing the food at the edge of the microwave plate so that it heats evenly.

“You know when you reheat food in the microwave and some parts of it are hot enough to burn your mouth and the other parts are frozen?” she asks while demonstrating with a Tupperware box of food.

“Well, that happens because you shouldn’t actually have your food in the middle of the plate here. It should be on the edge so that it can actually rotate around and cook evenly.”

As with many other life hack videos, this one caused quite a mix of reactions on TikTok.

“Am I the only one [whose] mind’s blown?” asked one follower. “This is why TikTok exists,” said another.

“Known this for years,” commented someone who has tried and tested the technique.

However, not everyone is convinced: “The whole plate is rotating so it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle,” one sceptic replied. “What works is making a hole in the middle of your food.”

One person asked: “What happens when you have a really big plate?” Tanya replied, “Can I get back to you with that question?” alongside some crying-with-laughter emojis.

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