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Sweet or savoury: How would you like your cake?

Would you ever trade your sweet cake with a savoury option? Turns out, it’s a yes for a large number of people! Savoury cakes are non-sweet cakes made with slices of bread that are layered with spreads, fillings, and toppings.

“The good old club sandwich of yesteryear is a reminder of it,” says baker Ila Prakash Singh, whose bakery makes savoury cakes using the lowest possible gluten content, kaphli wheat flour, and keeps the cake free from cream or cream cheese, mayonnaise, and proprietary spreads. “With a big population moving towards a healthy, non-sugar diet, the savoury cake is a pretty looking sandwich that one can serve guilt-free. Usually, cakes always mean meetha, but I’m sure with time, more people will opt for savoury cakes at least once a year, or even for a delicious healthy breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner,” adds this Gurugrammer.

Hema Malik, a Gurugrammer has been trying various techniques to make the cakes look attractive.

And Gurugram-based Hema Malik, who has been making savoury cakes for friends and family, much to the delight of foodie groups on social media, shares: “I’ve been into baking since a long time, but never had a sweet tooth. The Swedish sandwich cake, Smörgåstårta, has been a big inspiration. I’ve been baking breads and customising its fillings with guacamole, cheese cream, pesto, cold cut meats, eggs, veggies, and brined pickles. The options are limitless; you just need to ensure that the flavours are balanced and compliment each other. Since decorating is an integral part of the cake making experience, I’ve also been trying various new techniques to make the cakes look attractive.”

But Delhi-based baker Shikha Sachdev feels that Delhiites are yet to catch up with this food frenzy. “The concept of savoury cakes is beginning to trend, but it’s going to take a while [to get accepted]. People still feel that a cake means a dish that is sweet and anything else is just bread. The actual savoury cake, which is accepted as a savoury cake, is a sushi cake!”

Singh shares that savoury cakes can be made with meat or vegetables or both. “I use farm fresh leafy greens and fresh produce. We are focused on making vegetarian savoury cakes targeting the diabetic, super health conscious families that have members of all age groups. It’s a great way to inculcate healthy eating with all the nutritional benefits. People can make savoury cakes in layers, so as to slice and serve them as open sandwiches during lunch or as part of kids’ tiffin. These can also be sliced for a high tea get-together,” she adds.

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