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Starbucks workers take a poll with ‘Kanye West or Pete Davidson’ tip jars

Starbucks employees are joining in on Kanye West and Pete Davidson’s ongoing feud by putting out tip jars with their names in a viral video.

In a TikTok video posted by user @dejapoo00, a Starbucks chain got creative when they labeled two tip jars outside their drive-thru window ‘Kanye West’ and ‘Pete Davidson,’ to poll which celebrity is winning the one-sided feud in the eyes of Starbucks customers.

In the video, she leaves a tip in the Pete Davidson jar, which is full of dollar bills, while the Kanye West jar only has some change. The TikTok video, which was posted on 26 February, gained over 6 million views on the app.

As it turns out, this chain wasn’t the only Starbucks coffeehouse that polled its customers. In a TikTok video posted on 17 February, another user shared that their local Starbucks also had put out Kanye West and Pete Davidson tip jars.

“When your local Starbucks barista explains to you the entire ‘Pete vs. Ye’ saga,” user @shopjadelynnbrooke wrote in her TikTok. Much like the last video, the Pete Davidson tip jar was also beating out the Ye tip jar.

TikTokers weighed in on Starbucks’ new marketing strategy in the comment section. Some called the tip jars “racially motivated,” while others found West’s recent “abusive” behavior to warrant a tip for Davidson.

“Puts entire bank account on Pete,” said the top comment.

“My whole bank account would go in Kanye,” another said.

“The Kanye one full of coins bc only 16 yr old boys side with him,” one user wrote.

“Racially motivated,” claimed one TikTok user.

Another responded: “This has nothing to do with Ye’s music or race. Kanye has been unhinged & making Kim feel threatened. That’s 100% not okay & that’s why Pete’s winning.”

On 2 March, Ye’s public disdain for Pete Davidson escalated when the rapper shared a music video for his recent track “Eazy”, featuring The Game. The video features a clay stop-motion figure seemingly modelled after Ye, who is seen dragging a tied-up body along the ground. The 44-year-old rapper faced backlash for his video after many viewers believed the clay figure resembled Davidson.

Davidson is currently dating West’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian — who was declared legally single by a California judge on 2 March.

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