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Recipe: We dare you to move over regular dosas and try this chocolate dosa

Authentic South Indian food is our weakness, be it idli, dosa or uttapam but even we were not ready for this challenge when we came across a recipe of chocolate dosa that left us with mixed thoughts. If you are a dessert lover like us who prefers sweet dishes before the main course, courtesy our sweet jaw, this recipe of chocolate dosa is just for you to end the meal on a sweet note.

They say all is fair in love and war. So, if you are looking for some adventure to brush aside mid-week blues, try this easy recipe of chocolate dosa and decide for yourself whether you are in love with food or declare war on experimenting with cuisines.


1 cup dosa batter (without salt)

2 tbsp of Nutella chocolate spread

½ tsp of yellow salted butter


Take Nutella Chocolate Spread and add the butter and heat it (you can heat it together in the microwave for 5 seconds or on indirect heat) to mix them both together and have a smooth chocolate spread.

Preheat your flat dosa pan and grease it with oil. It should be hot before pursuing the dosa batter. Pour a ladle of your dosa batter and spread thinly in a circular motion to make a round shape of the dosa.

Let the dosa cook for one minute, then spread the Nutella mixture all around evenly. Do not flip the dosa on the side that the Nutella mixture is spread out. Fold the dosa in a cylindrical shape.

Warm, chocolatey dosa is ready, best to be had with filter coffee.

(Recipe: Thalaivar Restaurant)

Nutella attracts consumers for being a nut butter substitute since it contains hazelnuts hence, is a wildly popular dessert spread. It is so popular that every year since 2007, February 5 is celebrated as World Nutella Day.

Though Nutella with bread is no secret, it can be combined in infinite ways. Originally created in Italy during World War II, Nutella continues to grow in popularity and is consumed so much that in 2018, its official website claimed to have produced enough Nutella jars in just one year that could circle the earth 1.8 times. 

Promising to be free of artificial colours or preservatives, Nutella is a quick and easy way to bring a smile to the breakfast table. If you don’t know our name, just say “Nutella” and we’ll turn.

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