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Raksha Bandhan 2023: 5 delectable and easy dessert recipes perfect for every laid-back sibling

Raksha Bandhan, an auspicious festival, celebrates the cherished relationship between siblings. This year, the festival will be celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm on August 30 and 31. The festival takes place every year on Poornima Tithi, the full moon day of Shravan Maas, the month of the swan. On this day, brothers promise to protect their sisters and shower them with gifts, while sisters tie Rakhi on their hands and pray for their success and long life. But nowadays, sisters also mark the occasion by tying Rakhi on each other’s wrists.

Add an extra touch of sweetness to the occasion by treating your sibling to some delectable homemade desserts.(Pinterest)

Whether it’s gulab jamun or a mouth-watering suji halwa, the sumptuous feast and traditional delicacies are an integral part of Indian festivals, and no celebration would be complete without some mouth-watering sweets. Here is a collection of some delectable desserts to pamper your siblings with this Raksha Bandhan. So put on your chef’s hat and get ready to satisfy your sibling’s sweet tooth. (Also read: Raksha Bandhan recipes 2023: 5 mouthwatering Indian lunch recipes to include in your Rakhi spread )

Delicious Raksha Bandhan Desserts to Sweeten the Celebration

1. Coconut Laddoo

(Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapoor)

Coconut Laddoo recipe (Pinterest)
Coconut Laddoo recipe (Pinterest)


Condensed milk caramelised – 1 cup

Cardamom – ½tsp

Dried desiccated coconut – 2 cups

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp


1. Place an unopened can in a sauce pan and cover it with water. Boil it covered for 2 hours.

2. Remove the can and let it cool and then open it. Pour out 1 cup of this caramelised condensed milk in a bowl.

3. Add desiccated coconut, cardamom powder and vanilla extract. Mix them thoroughly and shape them into small ladoos(balls).

4. Once again dunk them in dried coconut and serve.

2. Chocolate Pudding

(Recipe by Chef Tarla Dalal)

Chocolate Pudding recipe (Unsplash)
Chocolate Pudding recipe (Unsplash)


1¼ cups chopped dark chocolate

½ cup milk

½ cup condensed milk

½ tsp vanilla essence

5 tbsp chopped walnuts (akhrot)

1¼ cups fresh bread crumbs

2 tbsp softened butter

1 tbsp powdered sugar


1. Combine the dark chocolate and milk in a bowl and cook in a double boiler till it melts, while stirring gently or microwave on HIGH for 40 seconds and mix well. Ensure that no lumps remain.

2. Add the condensed milk, vanilla essence, walnuts, fresh bread crumbs, butter and sugar and mix well.

3. Divide the chocolate mixture into 2 equal portions.

4. Pour a portion of the chocolate mixture into a greased aluminum tin.

5. Place a small stand in a pressure cooker, add little water and place a sieve or perforated plate over it.

6. Place the tin on the sieve and pressure cook for 2 whistles.

7. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid.

8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 to make 1 more batch.

9. Keep aside to cool for atleast half an hour and serve.

3. Fruit Custard

(Recipe by Chef Ajay Chopra)

Fruit Custard recipe (Pinterest)
Fruit Custard recipe (Pinterest)


3 cup Milk (full fat)

4 tbsp Castor Sugar

4 tbsp Custard Powder

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup Banana dices

1/2 cup mango diced

1/2 cup Chikoo dices

1 /2 cup Grapes dices

1/2 cup apple peeled dices

3 tbsp Fresh Cream

2 tbsp jelly

1 tbsp Mawa crumbled cake


1. Boil milk in a thick bottom pan when the Milk is starting boiling add Sugar

2. Mix the Custard powder with little cold milk to make a slurry

3. Add the slurry to boiled milk. Whisk the milk thoroughly to avoid forming lumps

4. Add Vanilla extract mix and Let it cool down for 10 minutes

5. Add the cream and mix for richness and creamy consistency the custard is ready

6. In a serving glass

7. Add jelly Spoon full of mixed fruits add a layer of custard then add crumbled Mawa cake

8. Repeat this process and garnish with fruits and jelly

4. Chocolate mug cake

(Recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar)

Chocolate Mug Cake recipe (Pinterest)
Chocolate Mug Cake recipe (Pinterest)


For Batter

4 tbsp Cocoa Powder

¼ cup All purpose Flour

2 tbsp Chocolate Spread

2 tbsp Castor Sugar

¼ tsp Baking Powder

¼ cup Milk

2 tsp Vegetable Oil

For Garnish

Whipped Cream

Mint Leaves

Strawberry, cut into half


1. In a bowl, add cocoa powder, all-purpose it flour, chocolate spread, and castor sugar.

2. Add baking powder, milk, vegetable oil and mix it well

3. Microwave for 60 seconds.

4. Top with whipped cream, strawberry, mint leaves and serve.

5. Suji Halwa

(Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapoor)

Suji Halwa recipe (Pinterest)
Suji Halwa recipe (Pinterest)


Ghee – ⅔ cup

Suji (semolina) – 1cup

Water – 3cups

Cardamom – 5no

Sugar – ¾ cup


1. In a pan mix together water, cardamom and sugar. Bring to a boil and stir till the sugar dissolves. Turn off the heat and keep.

2. In a separate pan heat ghee and add suji. Cook on low heat till golden brown. Add the sugar syrup to the suji.

3. Be careful as the suji will let off a lot of heat & steam when you add the syrup. Stir and cook the suji on medium heat till it thickens.

4. Remove and serve hot.

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