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Prevent excessive hair fall with this amla curry leaves shot; recipe inside

Hair loss has become a common problem due to a variety of reasons. Apart from genetics and hormonal changes, our stressful lifestyle and outdoor pollution may also wreak havoc on our hair health. If you are tired of trying all the hair masks unable to get to the root of the problem, you may try some Ayurveda nutritional hacks to tackle your hair fall trouble. (Also read: 5 surprising reasons behind your sudden hair loss)

Sometimes oiling your hair regularly and applying natural hair masks is not enough, our hair also need internal nourishment. If you notice that your hair becoming dry and fragile, it might be due to poor nutritional choices. Switching to a healthy diet of seasonal vegetables, fruit and pulses may do the trick. 

Vitamin C-rich foods are especially beneficial since they help collagen perform in the right way, thus improving your hair quality. Amla has vitamin C, tannins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids which provide nourishing benefits to hair. Amla restores optimum pH balance of scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Dietician Richa Doshi in her recent Instagram post suggested a recipe to prevent excessive hair fall that may fix all your hair woes. Her Amla and curry leaves shot promises to strengthen hair follicles. She also explains the benefits of this healthy shot.

“A simple and effective drink for your overall hair care problem. Amla and curry leaves have been proved beneficial to strengthen the hair follicles and reduces hair thinning. Vitamin C in amla increases antioxidants in your body. Curry leaves, when used with amla can improve scalp health and reduce hair fall which help stimulate hair growth. What’s more? It tastes amazing!!!” says Doshi.

Check out her Amla Curry Leaves recipe to stop hair fall:

* Take two amla fruits and cut them into small cubes

* Take a handful of curry leaves

* Put amla and curry leaves in a blender and add some water

* Once it turns into a smooth mixture strain it

* Add some salt and pepper to your amla shot and drink it every morning to reduce hair fall

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