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Melbourne foodie discovers Japanese soft serve vending machine

Foodies are obsessed with ‘game-changing’ soft serve ice cream ‘vending machine’ selling $2.80 treats

  • Aussie sweet lovers are obsessed with a Japanese soft serve vending machine
  • The ‘adorable’ vending machine was discovered by a Melbourne-based foodie
  • She said the $2.80 soft serve was ‘amazing’ and the whole idea was ‘so smart’

A foodie has wowed thousands after discovering a soft serve vending machine while travelling in Japan.

Ailene Nu, from Melbourne, found the ‘tiny’ self serve selling $2.80 ice-cream in a tea shop at Hakone Checkpoint, a short walk from the popular Hakone-machi boat pier.

All foodies need to do is pick their ideal ice cream flavour mix, pay at the machine and get a ticket and then a staff member makes the soft serve fresh for you.Ā 

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Melbourne-based foodieĀ Ailene Nu recently discovered a soft serve vending machine in Hakone checkpoint, Japan

The vending machine allows customers tp order and pay for the food, then a staff member makes the ice-cream fresh.

The young foodie said the $2.80 soft serve was 'so good'

The vending machine allows customers tp order and pay for the food, then a staff member makes the ice cream fresh. The young foodie said the $2.80 soft serve was ‘so good’.

‘Japan is just on another level,’ Ailene said in a TikTok she posted about the machine.

‘We visited Hakone checkpoint and found this tiny soft serve shop where you have to buy it via the vending machine.’

‘You grab the ticket, give it to the lady and then she makes it fresh to order.’

The foodie tried vanilla and a green matcha tea flavoured soft serve.

‘Both of them were so good. The tea house was owned by the loveliest older lady and the servings were so generous,’ she said.

‘This is actually so creative! The green tea one looks delicious,’ one woman said.

‘Stop, so jealous,’ another commented.

While travelling in Japan, Ailene has also tried the famous Ichiran ramen, a chain of ramen stores where the dish is ordered through a vending machine.

‘This is basically ramen for introverts because you don’t have to speak to any of the staff during this entire experience,’ she said.

To order the ramen you fill out a preference sheet, pay at the vending machine and get a ticket.

‘We waited in line for 40 minutes in the rain. Filled out our preference sheet, grabbed a ticket from the vending machine and waited for our beautiful bowl of ramen to arrive,’ Ailene said.

The foodie bought the ‘most basic version’ which cost only $10.Ā 

She said the dish was delicious, but not worth the 40 minute wait in the rain.

Her followers are obsessed with the novel idea.

‘I need an Ichiran in Sydney right now,’ one woman said.

Would you try these see-through bathrooms in Japan?

Ā A young Australian woman travelling in Japan was shocked to see the locals use completely see-through toilets.


Would you try out these transparent Japanese bathrooms?

  • Definitely! 80 votes
  • No way! 78 votes

The glass bathrooms mist over when the door is locked, but the young woman admitted she was still a ‘little bit nervous’ to try one out.

The young traveller uploaded the videoĀ and her followers were shocked to see the ‘bizarre’ toilets.

‘You can see straight into this public bathroom,’ Ms Betts said.

‘Let me just tell you I was a little bit nervous to go to the bathroom in Japan because I didn’t want anyone watching me.

‘But as soon as you lock the door the glass closes over and nobody can see in.’

‘It did feel kinda weird though, would you use it?’ she asked her followers.

She joked that she ‘wouldn’t want it to malfunction’.

(Source: sarahbetts)


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