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McDonald’s forced to remove Chicken Big Mac from menu after it sells out

Less than two weeks after its launch, McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac has sold out “almost everywhere”.

In a tweet alerting its customers to the news, McDonald’s UK said: “Well, that escalated quickly. Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knew no bounds and it’s sold out almost everywhere.”

However, the fast food chain reassured customers that it would “be back soon” and it thanked them for loving it “even more than we thought you would”.

The Chicken Big Mac launched in the UK on 2 February. It’s styled just like the beef Big Mac, but it replaces the two beef patties with two chicken breast patties in a crispy coating.

Launched for a limited run, the burger was set to be sold only until 15 March.

When taste-tested by The Independent, our writers thought it was a bit dry but the chicken felt “somewhat more substantial” than the beef.

However, the burger has clearly been popular and fans were quick to express their disappointment that the item has been removed from McDonald’s menu for the time being.

One Twitter user simply commented a heartbroken emoji under the chain’s announcement, which saw McDonald’s reply saying to stay tuned to its social channels to find out when the burger will return.

Another user wrote: “Nooooo I haven’t had a chance [to try it] yet. I am devastated”.

However, others took the opportunity to critique the burger, with one connoisseur saying the Big Mac sauce “doesn’t go” with the chicken. Another said it’s “not all that”.

One user was emphatically adamant that McDonald’s bring it back soon: “Back soon? Are u [sic] serious, just make it permanent!!!! It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s!”

McDonald’s has not yet confirmed when the burger will be back in stock. So watch this space.

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