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McDonald’s China divides customers with coriander sundae

McDonald’s in China has launched a new limited-edition McFlurry which blends ice cream with coriander.

The sundae combines the fast-food chain’s classic vanilla soft serve with coriander crumbs and is drizzled with bright green lemon and coriander sauce.

Those keen to try the unusual dessert have just a few days to do so, as it is only on sale from 21-25 February, United Daily News reports.

News of the launch has divided social media users, with some eager to try the sundae and others vowing that they “will never eat it”.

A picture of the sundae, shared by Twitter user Daniel Ahmad, has received more than 1,000 replies.

“Cilantro ice cream is really f***ing good,” one person said. “Anyone who hasn’t tried it should – spicy and sweet/creamy, does amazing things on your tastebuds.”

Another wrote: “I’m extremely interested.”

Others were less convinced. “This is a crime against humanity,” one person said.

“I’m literally shaking and crying and throwing up at how offensive this is,” another wrote.

A third said: “If hell exists, I would be force fed this all day long. Seriously though, even if you like cilantro would you want THIS? I puke a little every time I look at it.”

Coriander, known as cilantro in the US, has long been a divisive flavour.

A 2012 study by experts at 23andMe, a genetics testing company, found that there is a genetic component to coriander taste perception.

People who dislike coriander commonly report that it tastes like soap. The study found that those who had the olfactory receptor gene OR6A2 will likely detect a soap-like smell from coriander.

Many Twitter users have expressed their distaste for the herb following Ahmad’s post.

“Might as well just eat a bar of soap,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Now I can have a sundae that tastes like soap.”

“Who cares about pineapple pizza when soap sundae exists,” a third said.

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