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Kitchen hack: How to get every last drop out of your tomato sauce bottle – ‘This is mind blowing’

Millions have been mind blown by a simple yet unusual ‘hack’ for getting more sauce out of an almost-empty ketchup bottle. 

TikToker Landon Romano said rather than tapping the bottle to get the last drops of sauce out to swing it around in a circle.

The remnants of sauce will be forced to the top of the bottle ensuring you get every last drop.

Millions were both wowed and amused by the clever trick and they will be using it on ketchup as well as other household items like shampoo and conditioner. 

‘I don’t remember who taught me this and I don’t know, maybe this is a thing that everybody does and maybe this is just f***ing crazy,’ Landon laughed in a TikTok video

Scroll down for video 

Landon Romano (pictured) wowed millions with his hack for getting the last of the ketchup out of the bottle. He swings it in a circle so the sauce is forced to the top

He demonstrated the trick by holding the bottle from the bottom then swinging it around in a circular motion for a few seconds. 

The centrifugal of the rapid movement shifts the remaining ketchup to the top of the bottle where the cap is. 

Landon’s clip drew in more than 5.1million views as many were impressed by his fair shake of the sauce bottle. 

‘My conditioner bottles about to have the time of their LIVES,’ one woman laughed. 

‘I’m gonna do this in the middle of restaurants,’ joked another and a third said: ‘I’m about to start doing this with my makeup products’.  

‘I have never seen this hack, but I’m so happy I did,’ a fourth wrote. 

Some said they have known about and used the hack and vouched for its effectiveness. 

‘Centrifugal force is an amazing thing my friend. Just make sure the lid is closed,’ warned one viewer. 

‘I learned this in seventh grade physics class and I never stopped 

The amount of times I’ve launched my ranch bottle across the kitchen has caused me to do this in a bag now 

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