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Father’s Day special recipe: Does your dad loves chocolate and coffee flavour combo? Try these Mocha Truffle Bites

We can literally smell this picture as no other flavour combinations beat the deliciously popular chocolate and coffee that go so well together and with Father’s Day 2022 around the corner, we decided to whip up Mocha Truffle Bites for dad as a great edible gift. Packed with the kick of freshly brewed espresso along with a dense, creamy texture and rich flavour of a classic chocolate truffle, these Mocha Truffle Bites will keep you coming back for more.

So, straighten your chef’s or baker’s hat this Father’s Day and impress your dad with these little treats that are sure to do the trick. Check out its recipe below and thank us later as the final product will instantly melt in your mouth. 



330g- powdered sugar

200g- dark chocolate (melted)

60g- heavy cream

15g- coffee

2g- salt

1ml vanilla extract

Chocolate ganache ingredients:

100g heavy cream

100g dark chocolate

Base ingredients:

90g Oreo

20g butter(melted)


Crush the oreo and add the melted butter to it. Now mix both the ingredients and press them properly to form a base in a dish or a tray. Keep it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Now in a stand mixer add the soft butter and vanilla extract and mix it on high speed.

Add in powdered sugar to the mixture and mix it on medium speed. Once the sugar is mixed add in the melted dark chocolate, coffee, heavy cream, and salt and mixes it well. Now pour this mixture the on the base and refrigerate for half an hour. Heat cream and pour it over the chocolate for the ganache.

Let it rest for 2 mins and emulsify. Once the ganache is made pour it on the coffee mocha and let it set in the refrigerator. Once it is set cut it into squares and serve.

(Recipe: Chef Mahek Sugandh)


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