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Easy to make dessert ideas for lazy weekends by a chef

After a long hectic week, all we want to do is to relax and do nothing till the sugar cravings strike necessiating a trip to the kitchen. If you are also stuck in a situation where your taste buds are craving for delicious desserts but your lazy soul is not ready to lift a finger, we have some quick recipes by a chef for you that you could rustle up putting in very little effort. (Also read: Easy and refreshing summer recipes you must try at home)

So, if you are not keen on ordering stuff from outside and craving for something homemade, here are some easy dessert idead by Chef Ashita Baijal & Founder ME:ETTE Atelier and Patisser.

1. Easy-to-make pancakes


Who doesn’t love the good old pancakes? Well, if you are thinking that making pancakes are quite troublesome and you will require tons of fancy ingredients for that, you are totally wrong. Hunt your kitchen and you will find everything to make yourself a quick and tasty pancake. You must be having milk, eggs, sugar, butter, and flour in your kitchen shelf. On a cup of milk, whisk two eggs together and add in the flour later. Keep mixing till you get a smooth texture. Now it is time to add the butter and sugar. And if you have vanilla extract, pour in for some extra flavour in your pancake. Spread some butter on your non-stick pan, spread over the batter and voila! Your pancake is ready. Enjoy your soft, fluffy pancake with a topping of your choice while watching your favorite romcom.

2. Jell-O


Remember the childhood days when we all went crazy for jell-os? It’s time to rewind back a little bit and give yourself a treat of the past. Making jell-o at home is super easy and is a quick saviour to soothe your craving soul. Head to a store and fetch some jelly powder for yourself. Take bowl filled with water and start putting and mixing in all the content. Now, put the mixture bowl away for 45 minutes in the refrigerator. Pat your back as your jell-o is ready. Have fun while you gorge on that jell-o.

3. Fruit custard

Fruit custard(Pinterest)
Fruit custard(Pinterest)

You can make this quintessential dessert from the comfort of your home with some basic ingredients. Take a small jug, pour ¼ cup of milk along with the custard powder. Keep on stirring the mixture until you get a fine texture. Now it’s time to put the milk, sugar and custard mixture in a saucepan and cook it in medium-low heat. Don’t forget to stir the mixture constantly. You will see the custard mixture slowly boiling and coming to a thick texture. Lower the heat and stir it finally for one last minute. You are done. Top it up with your favorite fruit slices and you are all set to have a healthy, tasty bowl of fruit custard.

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