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Coles shoppers divided over ‘disgusting’ mince discovery – but is it really that bad?

Shoppers divided over ‘disgusting’ mince discovery at the supermarket – but is it really that bad?

  •  A mum says she is outraged by the amount of liquid ‘in her supermarket mince’
  • The woman cooked 1.8kg of mince before straining the liquid into a cup
  • She got 400mL of liquid, including 100mL of fat, and was put off the meat 

A shopper has been left ‘sick to her stomach’ after cooking mince for her family and finding a huge quantity of fats and juices oozing out of it.

The mother claimed she was left with 400ml of liquid after cooking 1.8kg of mince from Coles.

Taking to the popular Markdown Addicts page she said she was disgusted by the amount of liquid in her meat and would never buy it again.

But others in the group slammed her for overreacting and claimed she needed to learn how to cook properly. 

The woman posted this picture of the liquid – made up of juices and fat – which she strained out of her cooked mince

‘Not a markdown as such.. but I did think I was saving a buck buying a family 1.8kg of mince from Coles, this is what I just tipped out of it,’ she complained.

‘This was the CW Farms family value beef mince. Will never buy this again,’ she added with sick-face emojis.

But people were less than sympathetic, describing the meat juice as ‘flavour’.

‘Hate to taste your dry old mince now,’ one woman said.

With others agreeing she just needs to ‘learn how to cook properly’ and ‘stop throwing out the flavour’.


Would you eat the mince?

  • No, gross! 164 votes
  • Yes, this is normal and fine! 531 votes
  • I don’t eat meat. 24 votes

Others said the amount of liquid had nothing to do with whether the meat was fresh or good to eat.

‘So that looks to be 140ml approx of fat (it’s sitting on top of the meat juice) And your complaining??

‘I’ve had home kill mince produce 3-4 times the amount of juice and fat.. one single beast.. wasn’t dodging anyone. It’s just what happens,’ one woman said.

Another woman used to killing her own animals agreed.

‘This thread is the funniest one ever. I have to admit, I am astounded at how many people in this day and age are completely unaware of their food lol. Some basic biology, mammalian muscle is close to 75% by weight water,’ she said.

Others said the fat content actually looked on the low side.

‘So you are saying that out of 1.8kg of mince you got 100mL of fat? That is pretty good actually. 

Some were on her side, accusing supermarkets of adding water to ‘bump up the weight’.

Hundreds of people added their own comments to the thread with most agreeing there was ‘nothing wrong’ with the mince.

Daily Mail Australia approached Coles for comment but they didn’t immediately respond.


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