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Coca-Cola responds to rumours Coke Zero is being discontinued

Coca-Cola has responded to rumours that its popular Coke Zero drink will be discontinued in the UK.

Speculation started after fast fashion brand Boohoo posted to their Facebook page this week, writing: “BREAKING – Coke Zero is being discontinued in the UK”.

The post caused a panic among social media users, many of whom said how much they loved the beverage.

“They’re discontinuing coke zero? Nah this is my last f***ing straw,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another added: “WDYM [what do you mean] COKE ZERO IS BEING DISCONTINUED.”

“How are people that obsessed with diet coke when coke zero literally exists get help,” a third person wrote.

Social media users were quick to ask Coca-Cola whether the rumours were true, to which the company replied: “We can confirm it’s not being discontinued in GB!”

It replied to other users who asked the same question, stating: “Not on our watch!” and “Don’t worry, Coke Zero is here to stay!”

The brand also replied to a Tweet with the screenshot of the Boohoo Facebook post, and said: “We can confirm this rumour is not true!”

Fans of the drink responded to Coca-Cola’s confirmation with celebratory gifs, and one person claimed that they were “no longer heartbroken” and their “heart had been fixed”.

In a post to its website in 2020, Coca-Cola said that the classic, full-sugar version remains as its top-selling cola in the UK.

It added that 43 per cent of the cola it sells is now made up of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke or Coca‑Cola Lite, which all have less or no sugar, as well as zero calories.

The brand markets Coke Zero as being “the perfect drink for people who want all the taste of Coca-Cola Original Taste, without the sugar or calories”.

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