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Chinese New Year: Delicacies by Delhi restaurants

Every year, the Capital commemorates Chinese New Year with much fan-fare. The celebration took a halt in the last two years due to lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions but this year, restaurants have bounced back with unique menus in store. Also known as the Spring Festival in China, the celebration is considered a traditional time to honor ancestors and deities, with family reunions and street parades, and fireworks to drive off evil spirits. Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, the New Year is also celebrated in Korea, Singapore, Mongolia, Tibet, Vietnam and in other Asian communities.

“For over four decades, we have been curating menus for the Chinese New Year celebration. It’s an auspicious milestone to welcome the year with good fortune and vitality. The menu is thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the favourite flavours of our patrons and the elements of prosperity,” says chef Salem Lepcha from House of Ming, Taj Mahal, New Delhi.

The menu consists of Edamame and Smoked Chili Dim sum, Braised Aromatic Duck Puff, Oriental Twice Cooked Pork Belly, Sichuan Pepper Chilli Wild Pepper Roast Chicken, Braised Tofu with Shitake and Bamboo Shoots and Pumpkin soups, which is considered to be a symbol of prosperity due to its colour and shape. “We use ingredients that bring harmony and prosperity such as mushrooms which are widely used in Chinese celebrations. Even dumplings and dim sum are also considered to bring good fortune. Traditionally whole fish and chicken is cooked and served,” says Lepcha. House of Ming has been celebrating the festival since its inception in 1978 and this year, these dishes are available till Feb 7th.

The festival marks the end of the Year of the Ox and the start of the Year of the Tiger. It is believed that the order of the animals comes from the story of the Great Race. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Hose, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig are the 12 species of the race and each year is dedicated to either one of them.

To celebrate the festival, The Claridges has introduced Takdir, the tiger cub as their mascot. “Tiger is our National animal and we strongly believe in the conservation and protection of tigers. As an amalgamation of Chinese New Year and our own ideology, we have come with four tiger cubs named as Chef, Butler, Bartender and Steward. It’s to introduce the element of fun and awareness to the whole celebration,” says Sukirti Singhal, Marcom Manager of the hotel. They have also curated a special menu which includes Soy braised whole chicken, Tiger prawn, Singaporean chili sauce and much more at Tiffin by Claridges. The Menu at the hotel will be live till Feb 15th and is also available for home delivery.

Due to the ongoing restrictions, home delivery is a hit. Shangri-La Eros New Delhi, curated flavours from Shang Palace that could be relish at home. “Celebrating the New Year, the special menu featured Peking Duck Rolls DIY kit, Sichuan Cucumber Salad, Mapo Tofu, Twice Cooked Pork, Water Chestnut Dumpling, Sticky Date Pudding and more and it was a huge hit,” says Gagandeep Singh Sawhney, executive chef of the hotel. The offers were live till feb 3rd.

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