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Ande ka funda: 5 ways to eat eggs

Eggs have always had a hard time – sometimes they deemed unhealthy and fattening while other time they are hailed as one of the most healthy foods to consume. A great source of protein, eggs also contain Biotin – Vitamin B7, Vitamin A and Antioxidants and calcium and zinc. It also contains choline which is useful in building cell membranes and producing signals molecules in the brain.

A recent study showed that people who ate a moderate number of eggs (around one per day) had lower risk of developing heart disease. It increase the amount of heart-healthy metabolites in the blood,

But it should be eaten in moderation. A Physicians’ Health Study supports the idea of eating one egg a day, it also suggests that going much beyond that could increase the risk for heart failure later in life.

Ande ka funda: 5 ways to eat eggs


During lockdown, this egg dish became popular on social media. A type of poached egg dish, it originates from North African and Middle Eastern countries. While the recipe has various iterations, the base of this dish is a thick tomato gravy, spiced with coriander and cumin powder, red pepper flakes and topped with a handful of coriander leaves for freshness. Whole eggs are nestled in the gravy and cooked till semi done. It is served with toasted bread.

Ande ka funda: 5 ways to eat eggs
Ande ka funda: 5 ways to eat eggs


This classic Italian dish needs no introduction. Here the eggs are the hero of the dish, while cheese plays a supporting character. Spaghetti carbonara is made by beating raw eggs with cheese and using the heat from the pasta water to emulsify the sauce. Flavoured with salt and pepper and sometimes topped bacon, this pasta takes a few tries before you finally crack the code.

Steamed egg with shrimp and spring onions on top (Shutterstock)
Steamed egg with shrimp and spring onions on top (Shutterstock)

Water egg

This Chinese dish is similar to a custard, but savoury! Smooth and creamy, this steamed eggy dish is made by cracking a few eggs and mixing it with broth to thin it out. It is then steamed for 10 minutes and topped with a splash of light soy sauce and sesame oil. Unlike anything you have eaten, this traditional Chinese dish is soothing and goes perfectly with a bowl of rice.

As a wrap

If you follow keto diet, an egg wrap would be perfect for you. Instead of using a roti as the base, just cook up a plain omelette and stuff it with cheese, herbs and veggies. Use a parchment paper to help you hold the wrap together and make it easier to eat.


This fried rice is an example of yōshoku, which is western food that is cooked in traditional Japanese style. Omurice consists of a light and fluffy omelette served on a bed of fried rice and topped with ketchup. It was created to encourage Japanese people to eat more western ingredients. Originally from Japan, it has travelled and is now made in many South Asian countries as well.

Tamago sando

Why eat plain boiled eggs when you can make this delicious sandwich? While it may look simple and is easy to make, it packs a whole load of punch with its flavour. These sandos are sold in Japanese grocery stores and are made with kewpie mayo, crushed eggs and a hard boiled egg seated in the middle of fluffy milk bread.

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