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Victoria’s Secret CEO says mostly men complained about its rebrand

Victoria’s Secret CEO Martin Waters has claimed that the company’s rebrand, which launched in June 2021, mainly received complaints from men.

The company announced last year that it will retire its iconic Angels, which launched the careers of supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks. Instead, the brand will focus on inclusivity with the creation of the VS Collective, a collaboration of celebrities with unique backgrounds and interests. In recent years, many former Victoria’s Secret models have spoken out against the company for promoting a “toxic” culture.

Victoria’s Secret reported growth in its fourth quarter ever since the repositioning. The switch to comfortable and inclusive seemed to be popular among its young and female customers as well. However, some people, particularly men, weren’t too happy about the brand’s new image.

When asked if the pivot has alienated any customers from Victoria’s Secret, CEO Martin Waters recalled disapproving mail he received from people who said: “This is terrible. You’re scorching the earth. You’re spoiling our brand. We love the way it was before, why are you changing it?”

“And when we looked closely…it was principally from men,” Waters said during a call on Thursday.

Female customers, on the other hand, have responded well to the rebrand. The CEO also noted that the company still sells “provocative and “sexy” merchandise.

“But, we can do other things as well,” Waters said. “For us, it’s about a balance. Rather than the brand Victoria’s Secret just being one thing – which is sexy – it’s about Victoria’s Secret, the brand, advocating for women in all aspects of their life.”

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