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Urfi Javed denies copying Kendall Jenner’s black cut-out dress: I look hotter in it

Remember Urfi Javed’s daring black cut-out dress, which she wore for an outing in Mumbai? The Bigg Boss OTT fame was trolled for wearing the outfit by netizens, as they pointed out that it was a copy of supermodel Kendall Jenner‘s dress, which she had worn a few days earlier. Now, she is hitting back at her trolls for criticising her fashion sense.

Urfi, known for her OTT and bizarre fashion choices, in an interview with ETimes, talked about the controversy around her dress, netizens accusing her of copying Kendall and how she ignores trolls. The star told the publication that she did not copy Kendall and that the trolling wasn’t bothering her.

“I look hotter in that dress than Kendall, so why not? I did not copy her. When she wore that dress, the next day I wore it. It is impossible to get a dress stitched in one day. I really liked a design from a designer that I follow. I just thought that the design is really nice, and I took some inspiration and cut the top in that way. I didn’t know that Kendall Jenner is going to be wearing that. I can’t help it if I and Kendall happen to have great choices,” Urfi told ETimes.


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Additionally, she said that she ignores the opinions that criticise her fashion choices. “I never gave a f***. I don’t care at all. I don’t know why I am like this but it doesn’t bother me. Why will the opinion of stupid people bother me? I mean, it never did bother me. It doesn’t really affect me,” Urfi elaborated on her feelings about the constant trolling she gets.

She added, “Even if I get dressed in a way that is pleasing to people, I know I will get trolled. Log Ananya Pandey Janhvi Kapoor ko nahi chodte toh main kiss khet ki mooli hu (Ananya Pandey and Janhvi Kapoor get trolled, who I am then!).”

For the uninitiated, the dress Urfi wore for the outing matched Kendall Jenner’s cut-out dress. The supermodel wore it for her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding early in November. 

Kendall Jenner wearing the cut-out dress. 

Kendall’s ensemble was from Mônot’s SS22 collection. Additionally, Urfi chose a full-sleeved version, while Kendall’s was a sleeveless fit.

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