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Snatched but stylish: New hairdo in vogue

Sleek, chic, and absolutely in place — this is how hair and make up artists are describing the ‘snatched bun’ that has become quite a trendsetter among popular hairstyles of late. Celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja have also been spotted sporting this hairdo. But, many admit that while it looks super stylish, it’s actually quite painful!

Recently, actor Shanaya Kapoor posted a picture of herself sporting a snatched bun, and wrote about how it gave her a headache. And celebrity make up and hair stylist Namrata Soni, who has styled the likes of actors Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Rani Mukerji and Disha Patani, says, “It’s a very, very tight bun and has got a lot of spray or gel depending on the product that is used by each artist, to keep it in place. And also for the high shine that it requires. It’s an extremely tight bun, so you do get a bit of a headache when you remove it. But it’s a beautiful look.”

Delhi-based make-up and hair stylist Riya Vashist, who has also styled singer Neeti Mohan and actor Shabana Azmi in the past, says, “The look can get very painful for someone who is used to keeping their hair open. The hair is pulled right from the scalp for this look and is tied very tightly. This can often given people a headache.” But it’s not only a headache that might be the negative outcome of this hairdo. Ruchi Sawhney, a Delhi-based hairdresser cautions people who have hair fall issues, and says: “It’s so pulled back, that it’s not funny. It’s broadens the forehead and is actually very painful. So it’s okay for young girls to opt for this bun, but for 30 plus people, I don’t recommend this hairdo. Because that’s the age when the forehead is receding and hair fall is more or less a universal problem.”

Deepika Padukone’s dark rimmed eyes go perfectly with the snatched bun. (Photo: Instagram)

However, despite the pain, this trend seems to be here to stay! “The snatched bun is a clear favourite this wedding season,” says Vashist, adding, “A lot of brides are going for it. It’s an apt hair style if you want to highlight the features (of your face) or even when you want the focus to be on the jewellery that you are wearing. A lot of girls are asking for this one, for their cocktail parties as well as for events such as red carpet appearances.”

Echoing similar thoughts, French hair and make up stylist Florian Hurel, who has styled actors Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor, says, “High pull back top knots lift the face and gives you a sharp feature. It’s also a statement look and gives you the opportunity to work more on the face makeup. The bun won’t take the attention, but will make a statement look.”

Alia Bhatt gave her snatched bun a floral touch. (Photo: Instagram)
Alia Bhatt gave her snatched bun a floral touch. (Photo: Instagram)

Actor Karuna Dogra, who has worked in the Tamil film industry, recently sported a snatched bun for her wedding as well as mehendi function, and says: “I feel that it’s a very neat look. The hair is pulled back in a bun and since there are no pins, it’s easier to have a dupatta covering your head with this look. Snatched bun really embraces Indian features… the other kinds of bun are more English in their look!”

Like an evergreen style, the snatched bun seems to have arrived, to stay. “It always comes back in trend every season,” adds Soni, opining, “It depends on what you are wearing or how you want to look. But I definitely think it’s a trend that will keep coming back; it’s something that will always be around.”

Post snatched bun, hair care:

While the look might give you a headache, your scalp can hurt once you unpin your hair after carrying a snatched bun. Vashist shares, “Once the hair are opened, it can hurt more. In such a case it’s best to not start massaging the scalp instantly. Instead, wash your hair with warm water and then do a light massage, that will help relieve the pain.”

To maintain the state of your hair, Hurel suggests: “Prep your hair into waves, and then tie it into a bun. Now when you open the bun, you may have beautiful textured hair.”

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