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Kim Kardashian fans divided over new Skims dress that shows off ‘butt cleavage’

Kim Kardashian has left fans puzzled and amused after releasing a new $88 Skims dress that features a low-back “keyhole detail” and gives the wearer what many have deemed “butt cleavage”.

Kardashian’s shapewear company first unveiled the Smooth Lounge Low Back Keyhole Dress, the newest version of its popular Soft Lounge dress, on Instagram on Wednesday, where the brand revealed the cut-out dress would be released on Friday 28 October.

In another post about the dress, shared on Thursday, a model was photographed from behind to show off the dress’s cut-out detail, through which the top portion of her backside was exposed.

“Flash a little skin in sleek, sexy dresses with peekaboo cut-outs,” the caption read.

On Skims’ website, where the dress is currently available in three colours, the “slinky maxi dress” is described as having “an open back with ultra-revealing low back cut-out detail” and “minimal support”.

However, on social media, people appear unsure what to make of the latest Skims design, with many questioning where they would wear the garment, and whether “butt cleavage” is going to be the new trend.

“Now where am I supposed to wear this?” one person asked in the Instagram comments under Skims’ post, while another asked: “Is butt cleavage a thing now?”

Others jokingly questioned whether “butt cracks are in now” while someone else claimed that society should be “normalising bum cleavage”.

The new Skims design also made its way to TikTok, where users questioned whether Kardashian’s shapewear brand had accidentally released the dress ahead of April Fool’s Day.

“Skims what is this, it isn’t April 1st,” one person joked, while someone else shared their startled reaction to the photo of the dress posted by Skims on Instagram.

“I didn’t know butt cleavage was in… but is it even in???” they asked in the caption.

Following the release of the keyhole cut-out dress, some claimed they would wear the dress only if Kardashian wore it first. “Now Kim… I’ll wear it if you wear it first,” one person wrote.

While many were unsure about the new trend, there were some that revealed they were fans of the keyhole design of the dress, as long as it was accessorised correctly.

According to one follower, the outfit would look “a lot better” if bedazzled undergarments were shown through the keyhole opening.

However, while there were some who were curious about the trend, the majority were unconvinced. “Girl, we just want long sleeves, it’s winter,” one person pointed out, while someone else claimed that, “without the hole,” the dress would be “really pretty”.

The Independent has contacted Skims for comment.

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