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Justin Bieber earns praise for wide-legged leather pants during Grammys performance

After earning mostly negative reactions to his oversized Balenciaga suit and Crocs, Justin Bieber sparked praise after he took to the stage at the Grammys in a pair of wide-legged leather pants.

On Sunday, the singer performed an acoustic version of Peaches while seated at the piano in patent leather pants, a black hoodie, white chunky sneakers and a black baseball cap.

The unique yet understated look was met with positive responses on social media, where viewers applauded Bieber’s second look of the night.

“The Grammy goes to the tailor of Justin Bieber’s leather pants,” one person tweeted, while another said: “I’ve been looking for leather pants like @justinbieber has on for months!! I wonder where they are from.”

Someone else said: “These leather pants look so good on him omg I’m obsessed ilysm @justinbieber.”

While the outfit earned Bieber a significant amount of praise, not everyone was impressed by the look, as some viewers jokingly suggested that the singer’s wife Hailey Baldwin should have stepped in.

“Justin Bieber wearing leather pants is SENDING ME, his wife let him wear whatever for real,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another said: “Once again I must ask: what the hell is Justin Bieber wearing. Backwards cap, hoodie, LEATHER PANTS, and white platform mom sneakers.”

Others suggested that Bieber’s outfit resembled Ross Geller’s iconic leather pants look in Friends.

“Justin Bieber looks like Ross in leather pants right now!” one person tweeted, while someone else asked: “What in the Ross Geller leather pants is Justin Bieber wearing?”

During Bieber’s performance, Hailey, who opted for a white strapless gown for the awards ceremony, could be seen singing along as she sat in the audience.

You can follow along with our live coverage of the Grammys here.

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