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Hair care tips: Want to have good hair days every day? Experts reveal the amazing scalp and hair benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is one of the most versatile oil present in today’s time and it is wax based but its consistency is very light and its chemical structure closely resembles the structure of natural sebum and oil produced by the human body, which makes it one of the best natural moisturiser for both skin and hair. Maintaining your mane can be a bit tricky but there is an easy solution that will cure all your hair worries so, if you wish to have soft, shiny, thick and dense hair and don’t have the time for a proper hair care routine, then look no further as few got a few experts on board to spill the benefits of choosing Jojoba Oil. 

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Stuti Kothari, Co-Founder of WishCare, shared, “Jojoba Oil for hair contains high concentrations of B and E vitamins and minerals, which encourage hair growth. Additionally, it contains zinc and copper, which aid in the growth of hair, making strands healthier and less prone to falling out. It repairs your damaged hair naturally and can also be added to hair conditioners to give you added protection against dryness, breakage and split ends.”

She advised, “To get the full benefits of Jojoba Oil, you can apply it directly to your hair and scalp or mix it with your current hair products like shampoo and conditioner. The best quality Jojoba Oil for hair is extracted from the Jojoba Seed Kernel with cold pressed method. It should be 100% pure free from mineral oil and any other form of additive.”

Gushing over its amazing benefits, Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga Organics, revealed, “Jojoba Oil is a powerhouse of rich nutrients and essentials that can make your hair lustrous, bouncy, and healthy. Nourishment is key when it comes to hair care and the moisturising properties of Jojoba oil deeply nourish the scalp. It makes the hair super soft and gives a smooth texture to the hair. Vitamin B, C, and E enriched Jojoba oil is great if you want thick and dense hair. The vitamins present in the oil promotes hair growth.”

She added, “It strengthens the hair root leading to less hair fall and breakage. Jojoba oil is extremely helpful in preventing dryness and frizz. It repairs the damaged hair and the conditioning properties of the oil aids in giving your locks a shiny texture. Jojoba oil is like the elixir for your hair and with its various benefits, you are sure to have good hair days every day.”

According to Rupali Sharma; Founder and CEO of Aegte, “Jojoba Oil is being used as a versatile ingredient in hair products due to its innumerable list of benefits. It has an oily composition which helps in nourishing and moisturising the scalp to control dandruff and prevent infections. Being rich in Vitamin C, B, E, copper and zinc, gives it the ability to strengthen hair follicles and reduces hair loss and split ends. It is often found in the formulation of hair masks, conditioners and shampoos to form a protective coating over each hair strand by reducing frizz and making hair soft, shiny and tangle-free. The moisturising content of the oil adds shine and luster to hair while promoting hair thickness. Jojoba Oil when mixed with other beneficial ingredients like onion, flaxseed and fenugreek seed works as a magical treatment for rough and dull hair.”

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