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DIY tips to renew your WFH space

As the environment affects our mood and productivity, one must try to make some changes on their work desk.

Due to a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases, the Delhi government has ordered the closure of all private offices, encouraging work from home. Since we are back to our indoor work desk, one must change its look to start anew, as the environment affects our mood and productivity. So here are some tips to set-up our work desk:

Create more space: Elevate your laptop with desk risers. Add surface area to your workspace by giving your tech a little lift. An elevated screen is better for your neck and back. Swap your table lamp for a desk lamp. A lamp near your desk is a must. But when you’re trying to keep your space clear, a table lamp can sometimes be annoying. So you can consider a floor lamp to light up the room while freeing up your counter space.

Consider changing the colour of your wall: Choose a neutral wall colour that helps you focus. A change in colour will not only help you demarcate between your work space and your personal space, it will also help rejuvenate life into your decor without much hassle.

Make sure there is ample light: Choose a space that has ample natural light. A room with a view of Nature works best, making the space a personal sanctuary rather than a place for professional toil. Even the smallest space can look like a garden, if it is decorated right. Get creative, use the supplies you have at home such as planters, vines, and creepers; add fairy lights, or even candles for a whimsical touch.

(Inputs by Natasha Kalra, co-founder, The Decor kart and Gunjan Gupta, interior expert, co-founder, IAAH)

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