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Christine Quinn reveals she suffered from PTSD and postpartum depression

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression and PTSD after undergoing an emergency C-section.

Quinn’s pregnancy and seemingly quick recovery after giving birth was a central plotline of the reality TV show’s fourth season.

In a new interview with ET Canada, the real estate agent – who welcomed ha baby son with husband Christian Richard in May –revealed that the latest season was “really difficult” because she was dealing with severe anxiety whilst pregnant and postpartum depression after giving birth.

“The problem that I was facing was extrovertedly everyone was saying she’s so thin, but inside I was dealing with PTSD,” she said.

“I did the best that I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time, [emotions] that I’m still dealing with now.”

She explained that parts of the show were edited to portray inaccurate timelines. Earlier this month, Quinn faced backlash online for allegedly taking part in a yoga class weeks after giving birth.

At the time, Quinn responded to social media trolls who accused her of faking her pregnancy, branding the rumours “sick” and “hurtful”.

She told ET that the yoga scene took place before she gave birth, and that the show had been edited to make her pregnancy appear “easy”.

“They edited me from the boobs up, so I got a lot of backlash on social media. My process was not easy by any means but on TV they make it look easy. I was struggling in real life, I really was,” she said.

Quinn also claimed that the show’s producers and other cast members made light of anxiety that she dealt with during pregnancy.

“They make fun of the fact of me being late in the show. It’s because I was literally having panic attacks and I was worried about my pregnancy and something going wrong,” she said.

“It was extremely hurtful considering what I went through.”

During the series, Quinn revealed that she underwent an emergency C-section due to labour complications. Both her and the baby’s heart rates had plummeted, and the umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck.

“I just remember, before I went under the anesthesia, hearing that the baby’s heart rate was going down and [the doctors] were afraid it was going to stop. That’s the last thing I heard,” she said.

In a later Instagram post, she said she feels “lucky to be alive”. “I thank God everyday for my blessings, and my miracle baby,” she said.

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