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Celebrating a decade in the digital world

Behind the glamorous life of a digital creator, lies years of determination and dedication in building a brand name. So was the case with Sukhneet Wadhwa, who is widely popular on social media as MS Coco Queen.

Wadhwa, who has achieved a significant milestone of completing 10 years in the digital space, recalls that it was a huge challenge back then to explain about her profession. She shares, “So many people used to ask — what do you exactly do? Achchi hobby hai and hobby ke paise milte hai. For them, it was like event pe jao and photo khichwao. It was not easy explaining a job only a few understood.”

The digital creator, who is an Economics Hons graduate and holds an MBA degree in finance, adds, “It took a fair bit of thick skin and tenacity to deal with it all.”

In today’s time, social media is driven by numbers, feels Wadhwa: “Yes, even I have always wondered about (reaching) 300k, 500k, one million, but I have always looked at my Instagram page as my theatre. It is not like the cinemas but it is smaller, more intimate, interactive.”

On completing a decade, she says, “My ten today is all about tenderness — from nurturing content, audience and projects.” About what she enjoys the most about her profession, she states, “I like playing my part, and playing it well for the audience who responds through DMs or when they buy a product that I’d recommend.”

From dealing with ‘paise milenge’, ‘audience react karegi’ to ‘will the viewer see a point in this’ and thoughts like ‘what next after Instagram’ and ‘Covid and beyond’, the journey has been all-encompassing for her. Follow her on Instagram @mscocoqueen

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