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Billie Eilish’s sell-out perfume to launch in the UK at Harrods

Billie Eilish has announced that her namesake perfume will be launched in the UK via Harrods.

The Bad Guy singer took to Instagram to give British fans the good news and confirmed the perfume would be available in-store and online from 8 March.

The perfume, called ‘Eilish’, sold out online within hours after it was released in November. The US$68 (£50.13) scent comes in a golden bust-shaped bottle and is vegan and cruelty-free.

Eilish wrote on Instagram: “So so excited to share that ‘Eilish’ is coming to the UK! Available 8 March at Harrods.”

The perfume is described as having top notes of “delicate sugared petals, accented by juicy mandarin and red berries”, heart notes of “soft spices, rich cocoa and creamy vanilla”, and base notes of “sleek woods and alluring musk”.

In an interview with Vogueahead of the launch of her perfume, Eilish said she had “always been in love with vanilla” and that it was her favourite scent.

She also explained why she created the perfume to have notes of amber and musk and said: “I have synaesthesia, so my favourite smells are these like, amber-coloured smells, to me, in my brain.

“I have a really strong nose and since I was like a little kid, smells are all I think about. I associate everything through my nose, like, for real.”

Synaesthesia is a neurological condition that affects a person’s senses in different ways, but is not harmful. For example, a person may see shapes when they hear music, or, like Eilish, smell something and see a colour.

The pop star said her father also has the condition and the two would tell each other “what, physically, the smell made us think of”.

In a separate interview with Cosmopolitan, Eilish said she wanted the perfume to “feel cozy, almost like the word November”.

“I was chasing this idea of this ambery colour, this dark brown caramelised thing… This brown word and month – almost like tree bark.”

She added that the shape of the bottle was chosen because the chest, neck and collarbone are her favourite parts of the body and are “naturally beautiful without having to show anything”.

“That’s what I have always thought was so stupid about schools, where girls can’t show their shoulders. Everybody, no matter what your gender, those body parts are just beautiful.”

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