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Beauty tips to find your best foundation shade: Understand, identify, apply

In the world of cosmetics and beauty, the journey to discovering the perfect foundation shade is not just a matter of appearance but an embodiment of precision and skill where the core philosophy revolves around three fundamental principles: understand, identify and apply. These aren’t just steps; they’re guiding stars that lead you towards uncovering the foundation shade that seamlessly aligns with your unique complexion and involves grasping your undertones, accurately identifying subtle hues and mastering the art of application.

Beauty tips to find your best foundation shade: Understand, identify, apply (Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash)

These elements epitomise professionalism and underscore the commitment to offering you a makeup solution that goes beyond the surface, instilling confidence and celebrating your individuality. With the beauty of diversity in our culture, we have several beautiful skin tones, the ability to confidently identify undertones and the skill to apply the right shade so, read on as we are not just offering makeup tips; we are offering a path to self-confidence and self-expression.

How many times have you purchased a foundation after dabbing it on your hand or cheeks, only to discover that it does not match your neck at all? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anchal Malhotra Chadha, Beauty Expert and Director of Milap Cosmetics shared, “Knowing your skin type is important for selecting products that are right for you. Oily, dry, normal, and mixed skins are the most common. It is important to use a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type. A mattifying foundation that reduces excess oil production is the ideal foundation for oily skin.”

She revealed, “The finest foundation for dry skin hydrates the skin without seeming greasy. Choose foundations with a dewy or satin finish. Satin or satin-matte foundations are particularly excellent for combination skin since they provide a glow to the dry areas of your face without adding too much shine to your overall appearance. One small tip for beginners: When selecting your perfect foundation shade, remember: natural light is your best friend. Step out into daylight to ensure a seamless match that enhances your beauty, effortlessly.”

Dheeraj Bansal, Co-Founder and Director of Recode Studios Private Limited, opined, “Nowadays, women are making their names everywhere they go, so it’s important that we empower our women with three keys. Understand, identify and apply – is at the heart of our commitment. So here is a small tip to find the perfect foundation for you – swatch it around your jawline to avoid having a harsh line and completely distinct colours on your face and neck. Swatch the foundation on your jawbone so that you have some on your cheeks and neck. This allows you to see if the foundation matches both of these areas, which is a key step in determining a hue that looks natural on your skin.”

Hemang Jain, Founder and Director of The Love Co, asserted, “Whether you’re looking for natural makeup on a daily basis or glamming up for a special occasion, the foundation you use may make or break your overall appearance. With so many shades, finishes, formulations and coverage levels to choose from, it’s no surprise that choosing the ideal foundation is one of the most difficult aspects of shopping for makeup. Whether your skin is oily or dry or your skin tone is pale or dark, the foundation will always be the hero component of your cosmetic bag.”

He advised, “Don’t be in a hurry to get your perfect foundation shade, good things take time. So one thing to keep in mind is that foundations tend to oxidise after a few minutes because of the heat from the skin, causing them to turn slightly orange. To avoid this, swatch a foundation and patiently wait 5-10 minutes to observe how the foundation will genuinely appear once it has oxidized. The foundation that initially matched your skin tone when you swatched it can suddenly become darker. So, the next time you’re at the store trying on foundation, dab some on your jawbone and wait for it to settle before making a selection.”

Knowing your undertone is a huge game changer in makeup. Picking the appropriate shade of foundation becomes easy if you understand the undertones and it works like magic on the skin.

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