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5 ways to use beauty products to cool down in a heatwave

Heatwaves are great when you’re basking on the beach and enjoying frequent, refreshing dips in the sea. But if you’re stuck in a stuffy flat or an office devoid of air conditioning? Not so much.

When the temperature soars, certain beauty products can come in very handy, helping you go from hot mess to cool as a cucumber…

1. Facial mist

Keep your favourite facial spray in the fridge and use it to provide blasts of chilly mist all day long. You could even put your mist in the freezer (as long as there’s enough room in the bottle for the ice to expand) then spritz as it melts.

2. Sheet mask

Pop a sheet mask in the fridge first thing in the morning, then by the time the temperature peaks you’ll be ready for a midday mask moment. Lie back and let the moisturising liquid soak into your skin, giving your complexion a boost while it cools.

3. Jade roller

Due to something called ‘thermal inertia’, jade feels cool to the touch most of the time – put a jade roller in the freezer and it’ll stay colder for even longer. Massage the roller over your face to soothe and depuff your skin.

4. Ice globes

A recent skincare invention, these liquid-filled glass globes are designed to increase circulation, firm and depuff, similar to jade or quartz rollers. Kept in the freezer, they also come in very handy on hot days. Try rolling them across your neck, shoulders, or anywhere you’ve caught the sun.

5. After sun

Looking to cool down before you go to bed? After a cold shower, when your skin is still damp, slather on some after sun (choose a cooling aloe vera or menthol formula) and enjoy the goose bump-inducing sensation while you get ready for bed.

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