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Everyday things putting your heart health at risk (and small steps you can take to rectify) | The Times of India

How many of us take breakfasts seriously? Not many. The first day of the meal, which should be the most nutritious and heavy, is often ignored due to our lifestyle of going to bed late and lying there till late.

A 2019 research study carried out by Richard Ofori-Asenso and others in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne says, “people who skip breakfast may be at greater risk of experiencing adverse health outcomes compared to people who regularly consume breakfast. Specifically, we found that people who regularly skipped breakfast were about 21% more likely to suffer a CVD event or die from it, and 32% more likely to die from all causes than people who regularly ate breakfast.”

Breakfasts should be lavish and big. Since the metabolism is at the peak during morning hours, giving the body enough food is essential during morning time.

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