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Easy skincare routines for moms – Times of India

Between taking care of a baby, work and home and trying to sneak me hours — or hey, even a few minutes — of shut-eye, or indulge in any skincare rituals, there’s often not much free time for anything … Right?

But here it is, a simple easy and effective routines that can go hand in hand with all your mom duties. This includes the basics which will make you feel good, look good even when you’re seriously strapped for time.

Well-balanced meal: Clear Skin is an inside job, it’s a direct reflection of your health. A simple method to ensure your skin puts its best self forward is by being cautious of what you eat every day. Make sure to drink an ample amount of

water, eat seasonal fresh food. Consuming food rich in antioxidants like mixed greens, vegetables, fish, fruits and avoiding sugar, junk, aerated drinks will make your skin stay younger, glowing, and healthy.

Choose right face cleanser – Cleansing is the first basic step. Always go for organic, chemical free Face Cleanser which is ideal for your skin type; help remove the excess oil /dirt. A good cleanser revives the skin instantly. It will be better if your cleanser locks in moisture without making your skin dry after wash.

Your skin’s BFF is moisturiser and sunscreen- Massage a little with your moisturiser every day. Moisturiser is essential to replenish your skin’s water content so you have skin that looks well-rested. Apply it before makeup or use tinted (Not to miss Organic, Free from Toxics) moisturizers to replace your foundation. Go for an

all-in-one product, find tinted moisturizers that also contain SPF with added hyaluronic acid and antioxidants for an anti-aging effect. Get hold of a good sunscreen and protect your skin from damage due to UV rays from the sun and reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. It is especially important if you’re out with your kids or cooking or another activity in outdoors.

Apply a cream or serum that works in your sleep: Moms do need an extra boost of revitalization Even your skin can get exhausted and tired sometimes. The use of night cream/lotion/serum with anti-aging essence can do wonders on

your skin. Before Going to bed Apply the Night Serum, keep the phone away , put some calming Music and cuddle your kids to sleep . This will make your skin look a lot younger when done consistently.

Be regular with your routine – No matter how long or short, your routine is, you need to practice it daily to see visible results. Pick out a routine that you can do on a daily basis. The challenge lies in being consistent! But if you can make this routine second nature, you’ll enjoy smooth, youthful, radiant skin during winter,

summer, and for many years to come.

Most Importantly, as a mom be kind to your mind to improve your skin and lifestyle. Studies show that taking a 20-minute walk in nature, playing with kids creates hormones that improve mood & reduce stress. It’s crucial for a mom to take the day as it comes and don’t stress too much about anything which is beyond control.

Regular breaks, cosy cuddles and laughs are more important than a super productive tiring day, Trust me !

Not to miss , a healthy gut and a happy mind is a must if you wish to look radiant and glowing so dance with your kids , enjoy fresh juices and indulge in good sleep with your little ones .

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