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Early Signs of Lung Cancer. Consult Doctor If You Notice These Symptoms

Lung cancer, usually, in the early stage, doesn’t show any noticeable symptoms, and many are not even diagnosed until the disease has advanced. In some cases, though, early signs and symptoms of the disease may be seen.

The signs and symptoms can overlap with other health-related conditions, many of which are very common and mild, reported Health Shots. Here are a few symptoms that you need to watch out for:

Persistent cough or a change in cough:

A study based on a large sample in the UK suggests that cough is one of the most common early symptoms of lung cancer. The study revealed that about 0.2% of the people with a persistent cough for over three weeks were ultimately diagnosed with the disease. Watch out for any changes in a chronic cough.

Heavy breathing or wheezing:

If you feel exhausted and experience shortness of breath, it could be a possible symptom of lung cancer. Dr Rashmi Tarachandani, a general physician, said that any sudden changes in your breathing pattern could show that your airways are being clogged up due to lung cancer.

Body pain:

Lung cancer may develop pain in body parts, such as the shoulders, chest, or back. Pay attention to the pain and properly describe — such as where it is localized or if you feel it everywhere — it to your doctor. When chest pain occurs due to lung cancer, the discomfort could result from metastasis to the chest wall or enlarged lymph nodes.

Raspy, Hoarse voice:

The early symptoms of lung cancer could also indicate changes in your voice. Many times, it has been seen that a simple cold leads to a hoarse voice and if it continues, it could be harmful.

Sudden weight loss:

If you experience drastic weight loss without any reason, it could be a sign of lung cancer. The cancer cells present in the body use energy, and that leads to unexplained weight loss. If you are not trying to shed pounds or following any special diet and it’s still happening, consult with your doctor immediately.

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