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Dengue reinfection: Can you catch dengue twice? Here’s what you should know | The Times of India

Dengue fever can take a severe toll on a person’s body. It can lead to tremendous fatigue, cause high body temperature and impair limb movements, due to its effect on the joints and muscles. However, it has been suggested that a reinfection can be all the more severe and deadly.

Currently, the D2 strain in circulation is the reason behind why reinfection cases are increasing and becoming more severe than ever. It has been suggested that people who have previously been infected with dengue are likely to be more prone to the D2 strain. To top it off, the symptoms can be more severe, leading to complications. As of now, the DENV-2 strain is said to cause the infamous dengue-shock syndrome or the dengue-hemorrhagic fever, which are all symptoms associated with severe dengue.

In addition, experts say that people affected by the strain or those who are reinfected may develop immune complications. Given that a person contracts the D2 strain right after the D1 strain, it is believed that the immune system, rather than triggering immune responses, stops reacting. This further complicates matters and leads to severe complications.

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