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Christmas 2021: Add These Wonder Ingredients to Make a Homemade Nutritious Cake

Christmas 2021: Cake is often seen as something so appealing that hardly anyone can resist having it, from kids to older adults no occasion can be imagined without a cake. But cakes are also blamed for being a calorie-rich dessert which is loaded with sugar and high fat cream.

If you anyway want to enjoy a cake but also don’t want to take the health hazards that accompany its deliciousness, then you may want to opt for a home-made nutrient rich cake. This will not only be delightful but nutritious too and will have some health benefits.

Adding certain ingredients and ditching some other while making an ordinary cake at home will do the needful. Below is the list of some things to add to your cake.


Eating dry fruits may sound boring but adding it to a mildly sweet cake can bring out its rich flavors and the nuttiness will duly compliment the creaminess of the dessert. Apart from the taste, dry fruits like walnut, cashew and almonds are rich in proteins, vitamins and fibre, making them significantly nutritious.


One scoop of whey protein powder contains around 20-22 grams. Adding it to your homemade cake can help you achieve your daily recommended protein intake, which according to experts is 0.8g per kilograms of body weight. Protein supports muscle growth and recovery, and it is advised that people in the active age group must complete their protein requirements.


You can use peanut butter for different purposes while making cake, either add it to the icing or mix it with the cake batter in the initial stage. Peanut butter contains healthy fats which helps in lowering cholesterol levels while it also has a significant amount of protein.


By processing two cups of oats into a flour-like consistency, one can use it as a substitute for processed flour or maida, making it way healthier than a conventional cake. Oats is a go-to food for people following a calorie deficit diet and inclusion of this ingredient in your cake can help you stay healthy even on your cheat day.


Getting rid of excessive sugar is important while making a nutritious cake and ditching ordinary white sugar for a ripe banana can sweeten your cake just enough. Being rich in potassium, vitamin-C and vitamin-B6 bananas work as an energy bar for your body and adding it to your cake helps you remain active.

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